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This is a Gebel Kamil Iron Meteorite Specimen from Egypt. Beautiful museum grade meteorite pendant. The measurements of this meteorite are just under 2.0” long, just under 1.25” wide and the weight is 56.06 grams. 

The Gebel Kamil Meteor smashed into the Earth’s surface in Egypt 5,000 years ago. The Meteor event left a crater surrounded by thousands of pieces of shrapnel with a total of around 3,600 lbs. The date the crater was discovered along with the shrapnel is February 19, 2009. The Iron in this type of meteorite is classified as ungrouped with a Ni-rich ataxite, which makes the iron much rarer than the usual grouped Iron Meteorites. This meteorite would be an addition to any collection.

Unique Iron Meteorite Specimen Gebel Kamil, 56.06 grams, Astronomy Gift, Space G

$149.00 Regular Price
$119.20Sale Price
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