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This beautiful Sphene crystal showcases a stunning golden brown hue and weighs 9.44 grams, 47.2 carats. Sphene, also known as titanite, is a rare gemstone that sparkles with fiery brilliance due to its high dispersion. This beautiful Sphene Crystal is from Madagascar, which has some of the finest quality in the world. This beautiful crystal comes with a display case, macramé necklace and a velvet carrying bag. 

This crystal is believed by many to bring forth mental clarity, intuition, willpower and accelerated learning. As a brilliant crystal of the solar plexus and due to is beautiful Golden Color it’s believed to be a crystal of the Golden Ray. This means it assists one in manifesting desires and dreams in one’s life.

This crystal is a unique and wonderful addition to any mineral collection. Whether you're looking to display it in your home or make jewelry out of it, this Sphene crystal is sure to turn heads and capture attention with its exquisite beauty.

Sphene, Titanite, Golden Brown Sphene, Madagascar, Crystal Collection, Willpower

$29.00 Regular Price
$23.20Sale Price
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