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This is a unique red or reddish brown raw Zircon crystal on a matrix of black magnetite. This Zircon Crystal was found at the Astor mine Skardu Pakistan, Mt. Malosa. The measurement of this beautiful stone is 0.75” wide and 1.0” long. This one is a great example of a beautiful Zircon formation. It would be an excellent addition to any collection or for meditation or energy work. The weight is 18.09 grams. Comes with a stand and a velvet carrying bag. 

This is a crystal that is known to stimulate all chakras. It’s a stone of high intensity and precise focus. Zircon can be used as a talisman of Spiritual Protection. It’s believed to keep intrusive or dangerous energies away. Zircon harmonizes with Prophecy Stones, especially in regard to grounding energies in the Physical body. With Moldavite, positive transformations in one’s life is accelerated. With Phenacite, Zircon’s intense energies are often accompanied with a visionary experience. Zircon is believed to magnify and quicken the efforts of almost any other crystal or stone.

This stone is a great addition to any mineral or crystal collection. It’s a great gift for those looking for transformation in one’s life.

Red Zircon Crystal from Skardu Pakistan, Mt Malosa, All Chakras, Energy work, Sp

$39.00 Regular Price
$31.20Sale Price
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