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These are Moqui Marbles or Shaman Stones which are a Iron Oxide and sandstone formation. You get two Moqui marbles that are shown in the photo. I sell two since it is good to meditate with one in each hand. There are usually two different forms of the Moqui Marbes you get one of each. You will also receive the exact ones on this post. There is a smooth one which is looked as feminine energy and one’s with ridges which is looked as masculine energy. The weight of these stones together is 116 grams, the width is 1.25”. This pair comes with a velvet carrying bag. 
Moqui Marbles formed around 100 million years ago. The majority of them were formed in North Grand Canyon, Zion National Park and by the Navajo Sandstone formation.
They are sacred stones to Native and Ancient tribes such as the Anasazi of North and Central America. They are believed to be spiritual talismans and are used for channeling and connecting with “The Gods” or Spirits and Angels. They are excellent for alignment of the chakras in the body. They also provide a deep connection with out beautiful Earth. They are believed by many to be one of the most powerful stones on our planet.

Rare and Unique Moqui Marbles, Pair of Stones, Shaman Stones, Southern Utah, Thu

$74.00 Regular Price
$59.20Sale Price
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