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This is a beautiful Scapolite Crystal from Myanmar.  It weighs 24.49 grams, 122.45 carats. The measurements are 1.50” long and 1.0” wide. It comes with a macramé necklace, display case and a velvet carrying bag. 

As a powerful metaphysical stone, the Scapolite Crystal brings balance and harmony into one's life. It is believed to encourage self-expression, creativity, and personal growth. With its serene energy, this crystal can be a valuable tool for meditation and promoting a sense of tranquility.

Whether for collectors, crystal enthusiasts, or those seeking spiritual empowerment, this Scapolite Crystal is a truly remarkable piece that embodies both natural beauty and metaphysical significance.

Purple Scapolite Crystal, Scapolite, Rare Crystal, Crystal Collection, Myanmar

$124.00 Regular Price
$99.20Sale Price
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