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These are rare, unique and beautiful prophecy stones These stones are a new find from the White Desert in Egypt, found in 2016. You can select from seven different sizes and the Prophecy Stone you receive is hand picked from an excellent collection. Our Prophecy Stones have been selected from thousands of stones. You will receive only the highest quantity. We offer It comes with a floating stone display case and a velvet carrying bag.

Approximate Weights/Sizes offered

Xsmall- 5-15 grams
Small- 16-23 grams
Medium- 24-38 grams
Large- 39-51 grams
X Large- 52-70 grams
XX Large- 70-100 grams
Super Size- 100-150 grams

This is a pseudomorphic stone which means the original mineral Marcasite/Pyrite morphed into Hematite/Limonite over time. This is a rare occurrence, making it a truly extraordinary stone. An extraordinary stone that brings many extraordinary experiences. It is also used as a dream stone since it is believed to bring inner vision and profound or prophetic dreams to the one works with it. It’s also used as an energy work stone for meditation or reiki practices.

This is a very high vibrating stone, connected deeply with the root and the pineal or third eye chakra, the sixth. They are also said to be a stone of great change or metamorphosis or reinventing oneself. It went through a great change itself, becoming something with the same structure but a different mineral composition. The Prophecy Stone is one of the most powerful stones I’ve ever worked with. This is also a dream work stone. It is known to spread and many dreams and help you work out issues that your subconscious mind is trying to assist you with.

Prophecy Stone, Limonite & Hematite, Inner Vision, Dreamwork stone, Reiki, Energ

$9.00 Regular Price
$7.20Sale Price
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