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This is a unique and beautiful prophecy stone. This stone is a new find from the White Desert in Egypt, found in 2016. It’s also called a Z Stone as well. The measurements of this beautiful stone are just over 1.50”long and 1.50” wide. I make my selection of prophecy stones out of tens of thousands, so you’ll only get the most beautiful and unique from Higher Level Creations. After looking at thousands of prophecy stones I believe that they grow from a point outward like a sunflower. This is why you’ll find spiral patterns and very symmetrical formations. This one is a great example of a beautiful Prophecy stone, it would be an excellent addition to any collection or for meditation or energy work. The weight is 83.92 grams. It comes with a stand and a velvet carrying bag and a floating stone display case. 

This is a pseudomorphic stone which means the original mineral Marcasite/Pyrite morphed into Hematite/Limonite over time. This is a rare occurrence, making it a truly extraordinary stone. An extraordinary stone that brings many extraordinary experiences. The man who found this stone is actually said to have had a prophetic vision when finding this stone and holding it in his hand. This is why he named it the Prophecy Stone.

This is a very high vibrating stone, connected deeply with the root and the pineal or third eye chakra, the sixth. This would make sense since it looks very much like a pine cone, both by color and shape. They are also said to be a stone of great change or metamorphosis or reinventing oneself. It went through a great change itself, becoming something with the same structure but a different mineral composition. The Prophecy Stone is one of the most powerful stones I’ve ever worked with. This is also a dream work stone. It is known to spread and many dreams and help you work out issues that your subconscious mind is trying to assist you with.

This stone is a great addition to any mineral or crystal collection. It’s a great gift for those looking for transformation in one’s life or a new beginning.

Prophecy Stone from Egypt, Authentic, Inner Vision, Rare Stone, Dreamwork stone,

$134.00 Regular Price
$107.20Sale Price
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