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Prophecy Stone with a unique stone with triangular and pyramid markings. This stone is a new find from the White Desert in Egypt, found in 2016. It’s also called a Z Stone as well. The measurement of this beautiful stone are 1.50” long. This specimen is very rare and unique, with a nugget shape with symmetrical shapes within it. I’ve never seen a prophecy stone like this. This would be an excellent addition to any collection or for meditation or energy work. The weight is 46.51 grams. It comes with a stand and a velvet carrying bag and floating stand display case.

This is a pseudomorphic stone which means the original mineral Marcasite/Pyrite morphed into Hematite/Limonite over time. This is a rare occurrence, making it a truly extraordinary stone. An extraordinary stone that brings many extraordinary experiences. The man who found this stone is actually said to have had a prophetic vision when finding this stone and holding it in his hand. This is why he named it the Prophecy Stone.

This is a very high vibrating stone, connected deeply with the root and the pineal or third eye chakra, the sixth. This would make sense since it looks very much like a pine cone, both by color and shape. They are also said to be a stone of great change or metamorphosis or reinventing oneself. It went through a great change itself, becoming something with the same structure but a different mineral composition.

This stone is a great addition to any mineral or crystal collection. It’s a great gift for those looking for transformation in one’s life or a new beginning.

Prophecy Stone from Egypt, Authentic, Energy Work, Inner Vision, Rare Stone with

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