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This is a beautiful Hematite slab/slice mined at the Planet Mine in Arizona. This is Hematite with Tabular Crystals that have a distinct metallic luster. They exhibit a sparkling sliver surface. This beautiful Hematite slab is used as a crystal charging plate, or a plate that you can place under your meditation mat or cushion to keep one grounded during meditation. The weight of this Hematite plate is a solid 1 lb 1.5 ounces/498 grams. The measurements are 5.25” long and 2.50” wide. It also comes with a stand. 

Hematite brings grounding energy and is known to be the most grounding stone available. It’s also believed to assist light workers in understanding how to bring their aspirations into unity with one’s physical life. It’s also know to assist in balancing one’s auric field as well. This is beautiful specimen that would be a great addition to any collection.

Polished Hematite Slice, Specular Hematite, Crystal Charging Plate, Energy Work,

$144.00 Regular Price
$115.20Sale Price
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