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This is a beautiful high vibrational Phenacite/Phenakite crystal, from Brazil. It’s Azozeo Activated which means the emanate extra high frequencies that Phenacite is known for and resonate with the third eye and crown chakras. The word Azozeo is an word from the an ancient book of Ieou. It’s said to have been used to call upon powerful angelic beings to assist one on their spiritual journey and accession. The measurements of this crystal is just over 0.75” and 1.0” long. The weight is 14.59 grams and 72.95 carats. Comes with a floating crystal display case, macramé necklace and a velvet carrying bag. 

This crystal is mined in many places around the world. Phenacites are believed to contain powerful and high vibrations which could activate the third eye and crown chakras. It’s known to be the supreme stone of the third eye. It’s an excellent crystal for meditation and self transformation. It’s also believed to bring positive changes into one’s life. This would be an excellent crystal for any Crystal or Rock collection.

Phenacite/Phenakite Crystal

SKU: 364115376135191
$239.00 Regular Price
$191.20Sale Price
  • Beautiful Phenacite/Phenakite Crystal, Brazil, Azozeo Activated, Self Awakening, Reiki, Energy Healing, 14.59 grams, 72.95 carats

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