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This is a beautiful Peridot specimen. Its from the San Carlos Mine in Arizona and is in its natural form. The measurements of this beautiful specimen are 0.75” wide and just over 0.75” long and the weight is 9.39 grams/47.95 carats. Comes with a velvet carrying bag, macramé necklace and a floating stone display case.

For thousands of years Peridot has been gathered and mined on the Egyptian Island of Zagbarged. The name Zagbarged is Arabic for Olivine or Peridot.
Ancient Egyptians made beads around 2,500 years ago to be used in jewelry. Ancient Greeks and Romans used Peridot for rings and other jewelry. The largest sources of Peridot are in Burma, Pakistan, Brazil, United States, South Africa and Australia. Peridot was viewed as a symbol of the sun and in Ancient Greece it was believed to portray the energy of royalty to the wearer.

A great addition to any crystal or rock collection.

Peridot, San Carlos Mine, Light Olive Green Color, Authentic, Arizona, Reiki, He

$47.00 Regular Price
$37.60Sale Price
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