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This is a beautiful NWA 869 Stony Meteorite with a slice so that the beautiful chondrules can. be viewed. Weighing an impressive 10.07 grams, this slice of the NWA 869 Stony Meteorite offers a unique glimpse into the mysteries of the universe. Its remarkable composition provides a striking contrast of colors and textures, creating an enchanting display that will mesmerize any collector or astronomy enthusiast. It comes with a display case, COA and a velvet carrying bag. 

The intricate patterns of the visible chondrules within the meteorite are a visual delight, enticing the imagination with their distinctive shapes and formations. Each chondrule represents a microscopic glimpse into the early stages of our solar system, making this meteorite slice a rare and precious piece of history.

Crafted by nature itself, the NWA 869 Stony Meteorite slice is a perfect addition to any meteorite collection, a thoughtful gift for a space enthusiast, or a captivating centerpiece for a display. Its impeccable quality and outstanding aesthetics are sure to leave a lasting impression on all who have the pleasure of gazing upon it.

Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of the cosmos. Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the NWA 869 Stony Meteorite and let its celestial allure transport you to the depths of the universe.
A chondrite is a stony non-metallic meteorite that has not been modified. The percentage of meteorites that are stony or chondrites is believed to be between 85.7% and 86.2%. Magnets do adhere to these meteorites since there is a small amount of iron and nickel.

It is believed that when you hold chondrites you receive wisdom from the Universe. The chondrites are recommended for those that are visionary, intuitive, empathic or those working to connect with higher levels of existence. A necessary addition to any meteorite collection.

Meteorite NWA 869 Chondrite “Stony Meteorite”, 10.07 grams, Authentic Meteorite,

$39.00 Regular Price
$31.20Sale Price
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