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This is the Higher Level Creations Above and Below Meteorite Necklace. It has the Campo del Cielo Iron Meteorite in the center and on the opposite sides there are natural beads made from beautiful minerals that come from deep within the Earth’s surface. The weight is 20.93 grams and the measurements are 1/2” wide and 1” long. 
With this necklace you get the properties of the Nickel-Iron Meteorite which are electrical and intense and are said to conduct the energies of the stars and the hidden energy of the Universe. These meteorites were formed at the beginning of our Solar System over 4.5 billion years ago, so you won’t find anything older outside this solar system. The energy of these meteorites is truly out of this world.
Labradorite is believed to enhance the wearer’s mental and intuitive abilities. It has been used as an inter dimensional stone, a shaman’s stone enabling the wearing to connect with different realms. It is also a gemstone of adventure enabling one to embark on voyages of self discovery.
With the Above and Below necklace you get the energies from meteorites which come from above and out of our world and you get the beautiful natural beads and the grounding energies that they bring to your being. Both of these combined will enhance your energy as well as your frequency, taking you to a Higher Level.

Labradorite: Element, Wind/ Chakras: All
Nickel-Iron Meteorite: Element; Fire Chakras; Root (1st), Solar Plexus (3rd) Third Eye(6th), Crown(7th)

Meteorite Above and Below Necklace, 20.93 grams, Beautiful and unique meteorite

$62.00 Regular Price
$49.60Sale Price
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