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This is a beautiful quality Dioptase Crystal on matrix. This crystal cluster specimen is from the Congo in Africa. Such a beautiful deep emerald green color. The color is a deep emerald or pine green, just in time for the Christmas holiday. Dioptase from Congo is a recent find since the majority of Dioptase are found in Namibia, USA, Chile and Russia. The weight of this specimen is 47.32 grams and the measurements are 1.75” long and just over 1.0” wide. Most Dioptase are Hexagonal Shaped sometimes with cubes. Comes with a complimentary floating crystal display case and a velvet carrying bag. 

Dioptase is believed to be a powerful crystal for awakening loving compassion and healing emotional pain. It resonates deeply with the heart chakra. Dioptase can also be used to attract financial abundance and prosperity.

A great addition to any crystal collection.

Dioptase, Dioptase Crystal, Deep Emerald Green Color, Authentic, Congo, Reiki, H

$229.00 Regular Price
$183.20Sale Price
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