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This is a beautiful high quality Dioptase Crystal. This crystal cluster specimen is from the Congo in Africa. Such a beautiful deep emerald green color. It’s a recent find since the majority of Dioptase are found in Namibia, USA, Chile and Russia. The weight of this specimen is 32.00 and the measurements are just under 1/50” long and 1.0” wide. Most Dioptase are Hexagonal Shaped sometimes with cubes. Comes with a complimentary floating crystal display case and a velvet carrying bag. 

Dioptase is believed to be a powerful crystal for awakening loving compassion and healing emotional pain. It resonates deeply with the heart chakra. Dioptase can also be used to attract financial abundance and prosperity.

A great addition to any crystal collection.

Dioptase, Dioptase Crystal, Deep Emerald Green Color, Authentic, Congo, Reiki, H

$333.00 Regular Price
$266.40Sale Price
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