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This is a beautiful and unique Bilitonite Tektite. This beautiful specimen weighs 15.59 grams and it’s measurements are just over 1.25” long and 3/4” wide. We select our specimens from thousands of specimens. We get our tektites directly from the source so your guaranteed to get only a be best and truly authentic Bilitonite Tektites. This comes with a Macramé necklace, floating tektite display case and a velvet carrying bag.

Tektites are Glossy objects formed when a meteor stuck the Earth’s surface creating a massive explosion and a furnace of heat and pressure. This is what create tektites. The surrounding Earth at the impact zone turns to glass and is launched in all directions.

Tektites comes from the Greek word Tektos which means molten. Bilitonite are Tektites that are black and glossy. They are a rare tektite that can be found in Belitung (Bolton) Island which is in Indonesia. The meteor struck the Earth 750,000 years ago in Indochina.

Bilitonite are known for their healing properties. They are also believed to heighten one’s vibrational level. It’s known to heighten one’s psychic experiences, clairaudient experiences, sense of seeing through the veil of the material world as well as increasing synchronizations in one’s reality.

This would make an excellent gift for yourself or loved one. An excellent addition to a meteorite or tektite collection.

Bilitonite Tektite, Reiki, Batu Satam, Rare Tektite, Healing, Space Gift, Astron

$139.00 Regular Price
$111.20Sale Price
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