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This Bechar 007 Lunar Meteorite specimen is a spectacular natural wonder that has crash-landed on Earth from the lunar surface. With its beautiful coloration and striking shape, this sample is a fascinating addition to any collector's collection. The measurements are 1.0” wide and 1.50” long. Weighing 26.61 grams, this meteorite has been carefully curated with scientific integrity in mind. Display it on your desktop or add it to your meteorite collection and enjoy the awe-inspiring wonder of the moon, right at your fingertips. A complimentary floating meteorite display case, COA and a velvet carrying bag comes with purchase.

Initially, some lunar meteorites were found by a nomad while he was grazing in the Bechar DCA in Algeria. Adrián Contreras Gómez (CRATER meteorites) and Carlos Muñecas Muñoz (Expometeoritos) organized a search expedition including four local people for 14 days in June 2022 in the area 9.0 km heading 94.7° from Bechar 003. A large number of pieces of different sizes were found at the surface and subsurface.

Bechar 007 Moon/Lunar Meteorite, Feldspathic Breccia, Moon Meteorite, Meteorite

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