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This is a Rare and Unique Uruacu, Meteorite Specimen. Uruacu Meteorite was discovered by a Brazilian Cattleman in 1992. Uruacu is a rare Iron Meteorite of the IAB group and is structurally a course ocatahedrite. It is dense, has a smooth feel and has some black patina on the surface. Uruacu is chemically similar to Campo del Cielo but structurally it’s not at all similar. The measurements of this meteorite is 4.0” long and just over 3.25” wide. The weight is 642 grams. You receive a complimentary stand and a velvet carrying bag.

Like all Iron meteorites, the Uruacu Meteorites vibrate with a high intensity. It is believed by the native Brazilians of the area that the Uruacu is a gift from Extraterrestrials to the people of the Earth. It’s also believed to hold the power and energy of manifestation and creation. Many believe it is a Meteorite of limitless wealth and prosperity. That you will discover new riches and wealth entering into your lives. It is a powerful meteorite for successful people, business people, and money oriented people. It can also be beneficial to use with the tektites like Moldavite, Libyan Desert Glass as well as Colombianite. Phenacite is also a great crystal to use with it as well. This would be a great addition to any collection and would make a great gift for oneself or loved one.

Beautiful Uruacu Iron Meteorite, Brazil, 642g Astronomy Gift, Space Gift, Iron M

$799.00 Regular Price
$639.20Sale Price
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