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This is a beautiful Large Candle Quartz from Mongolia. It’s a captivating masterpiece from nature. Weighing 75.62 grams, this exquisite crystal embodies elegance and mystique. The measurements are 1.0” wide and 2.25” long. It comes with a cast iron stand with purchase. 

Crafted over centuries, its shape resembles a flickering candle flame, radiating an ethereal glow. Delicate patterns intertwine, resembling carved symbols, lending an air of wisdom and spirituality. The profound energy of this crystal brings tranquility, making it ideal for meditation and inner healing. As a centerpiece, it emanates sophistication and beauty, drawing admiration from all. With natural imperfections and delicate hues, this gem is a valuable addition to any spiritual journey or space. Don't miss the opportunity to own this extraordinary Candle Quartz - let it illuminate your world.

Beautiful “Top Grade” Candle Quartz, Candle Quartz Crystal, Mongolian Candle Qua

$45.00 Regular Price
$36.00Sale Price
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