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This is an exquisite Selenite Point Crystal Lamp, weighing 6 lbs 2.2 ounces, is a marvel of natural beauty and serene elegance. Selenite, a crystalline form of gypsum, is renowned for its translucent, pearly sheen and fine striations that exude a moon-like glow. Scientifically, Selenite is composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate, showcasing a fibrous, columnar structure that plays with light in mesmerizing ways. Its clarity and natural luster are enhanced when illuminated, making this lamp a captivating addition to any space. This beautiful lamp comes with an electric cord and a bulb.

From a metaphysical perspective, Selenite is believed to possess powerful healing and cleansing properties. It's often associated with the crown chakra, promoting mental clarity, peace, and spiritual insight. The lamp's soft, diffused light is said to create a calming environment, conducive to meditation and spiritual work. Selenite is also thought to have protective qualities, warding off negative energy and fostering a tranquil atmosphere.

This Selenite Point Crystal Lamp serves not only as a stunning decorative piece but also as a conduit for holistic well-being. Its elegant, tapered form, combined with its substantial size, makes it a focal point in any room. Whether used for its aesthetic charm or its metaphysical attributes, this lamp is a unique treasure that illuminates and inspires.

Beautiful Selenite Point Crystal Lamp, Crystal Lamp, Healing Energy 6 lbs 2.2 oz

$89.00 Regular Price
$62.30Sale Price
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