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This is a Rizalite Indochinite Tektite from Philippines. These tektites were formed 700,000 years ago when a large meteor slammed against the surface of the Earth in Asia. These are found near Rizal Philippines.
The measurements of this tektite is 1.0” wide and 1.25” long. The weight is 11.36 grams. Comes with a floating stone display case and a velvet carrying bag.

This beautiful tektite is the perfect addition to any rock and mineral collection! Its unique and mesmerizing shape makes it one of a kind - perfect for display or as a unique jewelry piece. Its beautiful shiny black surface make it stand out among other stones. Tektites are solidified droplets of terrestrial debris ejected during meteorite impacts, making it a very special and rare piece of history. With a hardness ranking of 5, this tektite will make a long lasting addition to your collection.

Rizalite is known to be a good luck stone. It is believed to create a deep connection with the stars as well as the Earth. They also are believed to expand consciousness during meditation.

Beautiful Rizalite Tektite, Bicol, Indochinite Tektite, Rock Impactite, Reiki, P

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$24.80Sale Price
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