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This is a beautiful Natural Ruby with a Polished face. Some would say it was a star Ruby but I believe it would need an actual star in the face to make that claim. It has a gorgeous chatoyant effect, very much like Labradorite. It weighs 31.33 grams and the measurements are 1.50” long and just over 1.25” wide. This would make an excellent addition to any rock collection, used for energy work.

Ruby signifies wealth and success and is believed to stimulate the root chakra bringing in additional life force into one’s being. It enhances one’s passions, fortitude and courage to assist in fulfilling one’s aspirations and goals. Some believe it relives one of anxiety as well. Since it is connected to the root chakra it can help stimulate sexual energy and assist in overcoming sexual disfunction.

Beautiful Natural Polished Ruby, Mined out of India, July Birthstone,

$35.00 Regular Price
$28.00Sale Price
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