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This remarkable Al Haggouina 001 Stony Meteorite is a true wonder of the universe. It originated from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and had traveled through the vast expanse of space before it found its way to Earth. With a weight of 17.71 grams, this meteorite is a rare and valuable find for any collector or enthusiast. Meteorite comes with a display case, COA and a velvet carrying bag. 

The exterior of the meteorite has a rugged and pockmarked surface that is a testament to its journey through space. The interior showcases a beautiful speckled pattern with various shades of brown and gray, almost resembling an abstract piece of art. Its composition consists of stony silicates and metal, making it isotopically distinct from any rock on Earth.

This Al Haggouina 001 Stony Meteorite is a unique piece of our universe's history and an exciting addition to any collection.

Beautiful Meteorite Al Haggounia 001 Chondrite “Stony Meteorite”, 17.71 grams, A

$52.00 Regular Price
$41.60Sale Price
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