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This is a beautiful Colombianite Pseudotektite. Very similar to Moldavite or Indo-Chinite. The measurements of this unique stone is just under 1.25” long and 1.25” wide. This Colombianite has a unique and rare rounded square shape. The weight is 16.35 grams. A perfect stone that can be held comfortably in palm for powerful meditation. Comes with complimentary floating stone display case (seen in photo) and a velvet carrying bag. A great gift for yourself or loved one.

This is a tektite that is an extremely sacred stone to the Colombian Indians or the Musica Tribe of the NW region of Colombia. Colombianite is called “Piedra Rayo” which means “lightning stone” or “light stone”. The Shamans of the tribe use this powerful sacred stone in their rituals as a means of connecting with the gods. They also use it for divination purposes.
Colombianite is much rarer than Moldavite. Colombianite pseudotektites. It’s a bit of a mystery as to what they really are. Many believe they are a tektite, but actually they are pseudotektites the result of remnants of ancient volcanic explosions from the Oligocene Era, 30 million years ago. Both formed under intense heat from an explosion occurring below the Earths surface form a volcano. The tektite is formed from an explosion or the impact from a meteor coming from above.

One thing is for certain, this stone is an excellent stone to use for meditation and life transformation. And it makes a great addition to any rock, mineral or meteorite collection.

Beautiful Colombianite Specimen, Tektite, Pseudotektite, Obsidian, Healing Energ

$65.00 Regular Price
$52.00Sale Price
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