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A beautifully hand carved round Ammonite and Orthoceras marble fossil stash box. This one of a kind handmade box was made in Morocco. It has a beautiful fitted matching lid and a smooth polished surface. The measurements are 2.25” wide and 2.25” tall. The weight is 9.2 ounces. 

Ammonite was a marine animal from the Jurassic Period, around 200 million years ago. The Nautilus is a present day relative of the Ammonite. The Orthoceras is also found on this unique marble stash box. The Orthoceras is also known as the Straight Shell Nautilus. An excellent gift for yourself or loved one.

Beautiful Ammonite Handmade Stash Box, Round Black Marble Box with Fitted Lid, G

$36.00 Regular Price
$28.80Sale Price
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