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This is an extremely rare Tektite called Agni Manitite which translates to Pearl of Divine Fire. These were formed thousands of years ago when a meteor smashed into the Indonesian Archipelago. What makes this tektite so rare is that most of it is found underwater, making it hard to come by. The measurements of this specimen is 20.76 grams. The measurement are 1.0” long and just under 1.0 wide. The tektite comes with a complimentary macramé necklace as well as a floating tektite display case. 

This tektite is believed to work directly with the solar plexus chakra. This amazing Tektite is believed to raise your creative and manifesting ability. It assists in building your life and reaching your goals. This tektite will surely take you to a Higher Level.

Agni Manitite, Rare Tektite, Pearl of Divine Fire, Indochinite Tektite, Rock Imp

$37.00 Regular Price
$29.60Sale Price
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