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This is an exquisite Afghanite Specimen — a truly captivating treasure straight from the rugged landscapes of Afghanistan. Weighing in at 8.7 ounces, this unique piece presents an enchanting blend of beauty and history. 

This Afghanite Specimen showcases mesmerizing shades of deep blue, gracefully interwoven with hints of green and white, forming an extraordinary mosaic of colors. Its well-formed crystals exhibit stunning transparency, allowing light to dance and illuminate its intricate details. As you hold this ethereal gem, the smooth surface invites touch, evoking a sense of timeless connection to the earth's elemental forces.

A fascinating addition to any collection or a distinctive centerpiece for any space, this Afghanite Specimen instantly delights every beholder. Whether you are an avid crystal enthusiast or a lover of all things extraordinary, this remarkable gem promises to infuse your life with its mystical energy and visual splendor. Experience the captivating allure of Afghanistan's geological wonders through this splendid Afghanite Specimen.

Afghanite Specimen, Rare Mineral, Third Eye Chakra, Mineral Collection, Reiki He

$84.00 Regular Price
$67.20Sale Price
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